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I recently had an amazing Angel Reading with the lovely Elizabeth and the best word to describe the experience is mystical. Elizabeth has a true connection with the Angelic realm and makes you feel safe and secure during the reading. She will guide you into a calm relaxed open state of mind before revealing the answer to your deepest questions brought about by the Angels and spirit guides surrounding the reading. You can be assured the right answers will come your way and you will feel a sense of peace as she guides you through the cards beautiful inspiring meanings.

If you are the kind that doesn't feel comfortable with psychic card/tarot deck readings but is still in need of guidance this is a perfect option for you,  Elizabeth will guide you through the Messages the Angels want you to hear with ease.
I have had experience with card readings in the past and this by far the best reading I've had! Not only were the cards accurate I also gained the hope I needed to continue on my path with true confidence. The messages were very inspiring and beautiful!

Elizabeth's work with the Angels will leave you a new hope if you have been struggling with life or just need some direction, I highly recommend! BELIEVE! - Rachel Lovely

I just wanted to thank you for our Numerology session today.  As you know, I have had a block in getting to the next level with my business.  I wanted to work with you because you are so sincere in your desire to help and guide people in their business lives, which of course translates over into personal growth as well. We have interacted numerous times and after having spoken to you at length, I felt that we had developed a sense of trust and felt very comfortable with you doing the session with me.  The session was extremely enlightening and it really surprised me that it was spot on.  To gain the realization that so much of what I have felt and continue to feel, has an actual basis in my makeup and the numbers that influence my life is very uplifting.  What was really exciting was the realization that I am extremely capable of working through the challenges, that I am so much more powerful than I ever realized. You opened my eyes to a different way of looking at self-criticism as instead, stepping back and critiquing myself in given a situation, which is positive rather than beating myself up with negative thoughts.  The overall feeling of joy and excitement and anticipation with which I am looking at my business and my life is so liberating.  I know that I have challenges to work through and that I am a work in progress, but you have given me the tools I need to help me through them.  I understand the reasons I have felt limited and with that understanding I can look at myself and my business in a much more positive and hopeful manner.  I will certainly recommend you not only to anyone that feels any limitations and blocks in their business or personal lives, but to anyone who simply wants a better insight into who they are and why they act and respond the way they do to circumstances in life. Again, thank you so much. - Karyl Darigan

The information I received was clear and on target.

The Angel card reading was delivered on a personable level and I really enjoyed it!

I felt a connection with the angels and with Elizabeth. My reading laid out insight to all of the questions I had. I also received actionable steps to help me move forward! - Kimberly Domke

I cannot say enough great things about Elizabeth, starting with her professionalism; the sense of spirituality and calm that she conveys in every situation, whether it is a meeting or just a get-together. 

I was contemplating a slight change of career, which was causing me to have doubts and to second-guess myself. I felt that when Elizabeth announced that she was giving messages from Angels, it was like it was meant for me. When I met with her, my reading and the messages I received were exactly on point. I felt like I received the reassurance and direction I needed. - Bethsy Clements 

This Angel card reading was an awesome experience. Elizabeth Gifford Maffei is certainly aligned, sensitive , and practical. I highly recommend her services for your personal and business growth! - CCK

My experience today with Elizabeth was very informing and empowering. It answered questions and concerns and gave me wonderful information on moving forward with life, business, and loved ones. - Kathy B

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